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Announcing Mentor Sessions!

Ahem, attention! *taps mic a few times

Can I have your attention?

Okay, sorry about the cheesiness, but I've got something kind of big to announce. Ready for it?


It's something I've wanted to offer for a while now. I've actually gotten to do a couple recently! And today I wanted to officially announce that I am opening the doors to photo and business mentor sessions. What does that mean? If you're a photographer/small business owner looking for some advice, guidance, encouragement, new portfolio images, or maybe you're in a rut, and you just want some inspiration, this may be for you! My goal is to get you energized and excited about your business and help you walk away from our time together with practical goals and next steps!

If you're interested in more details about package options and pricing, just check out my page dedicated to photographers. It'll give you all those juicy details.


If you're ready to take the next steps in your business and book a mentor session, head over to my page dedicated to all things mentor sessions. Hey, if you're unsure and you have questions about if this is right for you, head over to that page as well. There's a contact form where you can reach out and we can start the conversation - no pressure. I want these to be a help to you and your photo/biz journey.

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