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Three Things I Value in Wedding Photography

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

bride and groom mountain top wedding photography

I'm not the photographer for everyone. Different people have unique styles in both shooting and editing. AND humans value and prioritize different things. That's good. Some people might think photography is an overly-saturated market, but the world is a big place, and there are always people wanting photos. Different photographers fit with different clients - shooting styles, editing styles, even (and especially) photography philosophies and values are all things to consider if you want to find a photographer who's a good fit for you!

What do I value in wedding photography? Glad you asked...

1. Laid-back, Fun, and Meaningful Photos

One of my biggest goals for you is that you are able to relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy yourself. I do that by creating space for people to interact and connect with their loved ones in a fun and meaningful way. Then I'm there to capture what unfolds - the reactions, the emotions, the moments. Let's make your portrait time an extension of the fun and real moments of your wedding day. I don't want it to feel like an all-day photoshoot, and I want you to walk away from our time together cherishing each other even more!

laid back fun meaningful bride and groom wedding photos
laid back fun meaningful couples photography photos

2. Moments Before Photos

Your photos are about your moments, not the other way around. Sometimes people get so caught up in having the perfect wedding photos they saw on social media (not you guys 😉) that they'll do things JUST for the photos. I did a wedding a while ago where the planner told me that photographers she works with have the couple run through the send off line multiple times to make sure they get good photos. I was kind of shook. But it opened my eyes to something I really value in photography. I want to be there to capture the moments as they unfold rather than staging a bunch of moments all throughout the day (which happens more often than you might think).

a moment during engagement photos of a couple on the beach
mom during a wedding ceremony cherishing the moment and shedding a tear

3. Intentionality in the Details

I'm really not all about the big traditional weddings where people are running around stressed trying to make everything perfect. I want to be a relaxing, go-with-the-flow presence on your wedding day, and I love when couples make their first day of marriage reflective of who they are. I had a couple last year that stayed at their reception a little while and then left with their bridal party and friends and went to Waffle House. They had their first dance in the parking lot and bought breakfast for everyone (at like 9 PM). It was awesome.

bride and groom with their bridal party at Waffle House after the wedding
bride and groom dance in parking lot after wedding
  • Kaitlin's dad said a few words at the front of the room immediately after walking his daughter down the aisle. I'd never seen that done before. It was perfect.

  • The bride and groom, their wedding party, the families, and every guest joined their voices together to sing songs of worship and praise to God.

  • During the message to the couple, Kaitlin and Jaaz, along with their wedding party, SAT DOWN. No rules say that you have to stand. And because every detail was planned, the bride + groom sat on a beautifully unique woven bench.

  • They didn't have a "unity" candle or ceremony. You don't have to!

bride and groom at their intentional wedding ceremony

So there are a few of my main values when it comes to photography and how I approach wedding days. Your wedding vendors (including your photographer) can do so much to affect the vibe of your wedding day. Find someone you line up with in style and values.

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