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Hey hey, I'm Bethany!


My Story

I didn't always think I'd be here doing this. In fact, it wasn't all that long ago that I was teaching English to middle schoolers! I was also the communications coordinator at that school, and I got to use the school's camera to take photos of things around campus. Though I may not have realized it at the time, it was probably the enjoyment I got from capturing emotions and moments on camera that pushed me to pursue photography for myself.


Capturing real emotions and moments is what still fuels my photography today. The moments certainly look a bit different (bye bye, school fundraisers 👋). Now I capture a groom's joy and surprise as he sees his bride at their first look. I document parents' tears and smiles during ceremonies. I capture the way you laugh together and cherish each other.

One of my biggest goals in photography is to create a space for real emotion and interaction, a space that's laid-back, comfortable, and meaningful. Once that space is created, I just get to snap away, and you get a gallery full of happy, meaningful images that tell your story.

This Is Us

My people are easily one of God's greatest gifts to me. My husband, Kris, is the calm to my crazy. He's the kind of person that quietly makes the funny joke that no one else hears so I repeat it louder. He's also a big reason why I love late-night Taco Bell and NFL football. He used to come to weddings with me and be my second shooter, but once we started growing our family, he decided he'd rather stay back with the girlies on long wedding days. Not sure how we got here (no question in my mind, I'm still a kid myself) but somehow we're a family of four, and I love watching him be a girl dad.

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • God's beautiful creation - the beach, the woods, waterfalls, you name it. But I'm especially partial to mountains.

  • Plants, road trips, earth tones, and carbs oops

  • Cincinnati Bengals football 

  • My relationship with Jesus - I am nothing without His saving grace and goodness in my life.

  • Capturing real moments and emotions on camera

Where to next?

Let’s Be Friends

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