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So you're building a photo biz?!

Yay! Being an entrepreneur is the best. And I've learned something over my years in business - one of the biggest and best things you can ever do for your business is to invest in it. Find someone who has done what you want to be doing, and learn from them. That's what I did, and I wouldn't be where I am without that investment.


I'm so glad you're here. My goal is to help YOU have the same experience - take the next step (leaps also acceptable) in your business journey. So take a look through your options. I can't wait to watch your business take off!

If you want to...

  • attract and book dream clients

  • shoot the kinds of sessions that light you up

  • have a strategy for sharing your beautiful images online

  • create a life of freedom and flexibility for the things that matter

then this is for you.


"...After talking to Bethany...things really started taking shape and coming together for me. I had a lot more confidence talking to clients, pricing myself, and showcasing what set me apart as a photographer.

- Krista



Hey Hey, I'm Bethany!

Five years ago I had a dream (and a $500 camera from eBay). No clients, no website, no business. I was also teaching English to high school freshman. I spent nights and weekends shooting all kinds of things... from my sister's senior photos to my husband grilling in the backyard. I was soaking up all I could about how to make this thing a business. And somewhere along the way, I realized I love being a business owner.

I spent hours upon hours learning and trying to figure this thing out.


Then one spring day, I finally pulled the trigger on my very first online course for photographers. I figured out how to get my business up and running and bring in more paying clients (at a higher price point). I’ve been able to leave my job, replace my previous salary, stay home with my babies more comfortably, and have the freedom to choose when I want to work and when I want to do other things (like travel, visit family, or just completely take days off)!


Let me help you do the same while fast tracking those results (and avoiding the DIY train and endless Google searches🤪).

xo, bethany


This is all about you and your goals and dreams! I will meet you where you are and maximize our time together so you walk away energized and excited having real action steps to propel your business forward immediately!


  • GET THIS. We'll meet over Zoom for your discovery call where we'll nail down exactly the kind of portfolio-building session to create and shoot together.

  • It's time to plan your portfolio-building styled session, but don't worry. While I'm doing that, you can be drinking coffee, binging reality TV, or whatever else your heart desires because I'll handle all the details (models, style, location).

  • We’ll shoot the session together. You can come alongside me and watch me lead, or take the lead yourself - whatever you're comfortable with (but I may push ya just a little...all in love of course).

  • And you won't dare let your beautiful new photos go to waste. We’ll have a follow-up, in-person meeting where we’ll create  a strategic content plan for you to throw your new photos out into the world so dream clients will be coming your way! I’m talking social media and blogging strategy.

  • Think of this like taking a jumper cable to your business...


Want to book an in-person portfolio experience? Start here!

p2p mockup.png

Maybe you're at the beginning of your photography business journey, and you want extra attention and accountability! My 3-month signature coaching program, Passion to Profession is designed for hobby photographers who want to chase their dream of starting a photography business and making real income from it! If that sounds like you, go ahead and apply for the next round (doors open in January 2024 with limited spots).

Not ready to invest financially just yet? I get that! Check out my free resources!

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