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Straw Bag

Just imagine having your own photography business 90 days from now.

Jump in the fast lane and learn how to start and scale a photography business in 3 months (without all the confusion and overwhelm).



You could make a living and a life from photography?

How would you like to leave your full-time job, create a life of flexibility and freedom, and make time for the things that matter most to you, all while doing something you love?

let's be honest, though

The thought of starting your own photography business can be overwhelming.

"What if I start and fail?"

"How will I get my first clients?"

"What will people think?"

"Where do I even start with setting up my business legally?"

Image by Nathan Dumlao

testimonial from Krista (coming soon)

- Krista

change is possible

Imagine having your own photography business 

So you can:

Have more freedom and flexibility - no more rushing out the door at 7:00 AM to get to work on time. Say "bye bye" to the cubicle and "hello" to working on your time in your way. 

Have clients landing in your inbox, reaching out to you consistently, wanting YOU to shoot their sessions, and telling their friends about you.

Wake up with your kids and spend the morning together!

Take your dog for a walk at 10:30 AM because you can!

Book the flights and take the extra vacation!

Capture memories that literally outlast you and me. What we get to be a part of as photographers is so special.


hey hey, friend!

I'm Bethany and I'm here to help you start and scale your photography business.

Five years ago I had a dream (and a $500 camera from eBay). No clients, no website, no business. I was also teaching English to high school freshman. I spent nights and weekends shooting all kinds of things... from my sister's senior photos to my husband grilling in the backyard (would you believe I even posted a grilling pic on my Insta?). I was soaking up all I could about how to make this thing a business. And somewhere along the way, I realized I love being a business owner.

After spending hours upon hours learning and growing, I figured out how to get my business up and running - not only legally, but also in a way that brought in more paying clients and gave me a sustainable business. I’ve been able to leave my job, replace my previous salary, and have time for the things that matter most.

I would love to help YOU do the same.

xo, bethany

Image by Elena Joland



Get your photography business up and running in the next 90 days.

all the good stuff

Here's What's Included in Passion to Profession:



Let's get people coming to YOU for photos. Where do you start?! In this lesson, I'm sharing a system for getting people to notice you as a photographer, attracting them to you, and booking your dream clients over and over again. You'll also get access to worksheets to help you get really clear on who you are as a brand and whom you are wanting to serve.



Think marketing is too hard for you? Think again. In lesson 2, I'm sharing intentional marketing tips for your website, your blog, and your Instagram, marketing that can get people coming your way!



The fun stuff - It doesn't have to be overwhelming! In this lesson, let's figure out what you want your business structure to be, how you should set up your business finances, and more.



If you're going to be a business, you've got to be making money. And it is totally possible! In the pricing lesson, you'll learn pricing strategies and ways to deliver your pricing in a profitable and powerful way so people will see your value and want to pay you!



What your clients experience has a HUGE impact on how they will feel about you (and probably how they'll talk about you to their friends). In this lesson, learn to serve your clients well with solid workflows and communication.



Shoot your sessions with intention so YOU feel confident and enjoy them, AND your clients have a great shoot experience. Deliver photos with intention and create raving fans.



cheapest this program will ever be

Wait. There's More.


Download and use real email templates that I use in my business with my clients. Copy and paste or tweak them and make them your own, but feel confident having templates to use going forward!


Get access to questionnaires and guides that I send to my clients. Feel confident in your client experience workflows.

This is perfect for you if...

You have a camera and some big dreams 

You're ready to make the jump from hobby photographer to professional business owner

You want to walk away from your 9-5 job and create a sustainable income with photography

You want more freedom and flexibility for the things that matter most to you

Image by Andrew Draper
Image by Henry & Co.

This probably isn't for you if...

You're not ready to put in the work to reach your goals

You're not willing to step outside your comfort zone

You're looking for a get-rich-quick plan

Passion to Profession includes everything you need to get your photography business up and running in 90 days.

What are you waiting for?

Let's do this thing.

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