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Boho Mountain Wedding - Kaitlin + Jaaz

Last March while Jaaz was supposed to be at school, Kaitlin was supposed to be on the other side of the world. But God (and Covid) had different plans. And what a plan it was.

Because schools were shutting down, Jaaz found himself finishing out the semester at his home in the North Carolina mountains. And because she couldn't travel like she'd hoped, Kaitlin found herself living at her home (in the North Carolina mountains...right down the road from you know who).

The circumstances of 2020 brought them together, and pretty soon, they knew this was it for them. And here we are - celebrating two lives joining together as one. It was such a sweet and beautiful day. Every detail was planned with intention and stayed true to this couple which made the day even more beautiful. And you know I can't resist a mountain wedding...or boho details. It was truly a dream.


The First Look