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Bryan + Caroline || Wedding Day Sneaks

Bryan and Caroline - possibly the most go-with-the-flow couple I've had the privilege of photographing. So fun, up for anything, and I'm just glad they chose me to follow them around on their wedding day.

Bridesmaid First Look

First Look with Dad

First Look with Brothers

Bride & Groom

Possibly one of my favorite pictures of the entire day

I'm just getting all kinds of "Cinderella running into the forest with her prince" vibes...probably not a thing, but Caroline made it a thing, and I'm here for it.

The Bridal Party

The Ceremony

During the ceremony, Bryan and Caroline signed what is now their family Bible. Shortly after, their families joined them for a time of prayer while these words filled the room:

My faithful Father, enduring friend

Your tender mercy's like a river with no end.

It overwhelms me, covers my sin.

Each time I come into your presence I stand in wonder once again.

Your grace still amazes me. Your love is still a mystery. Each day I fall on my knees 'Cause Your grace still amazes me.

The Reception

I love when couples compile images from their engagement session into a guest book. Such a sweet keepsake!

Congratulation to one awesome and super fun couple. I was genuinely so happy when they walked up the aisle as a newly married team! So thankful for this job and the friends I get to make because of it.

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