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Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session | Antonio + Caitlin

Antonio and Caitlin take the prize for my most viewed Instagram reel to date. Their surprise proposal was super fun to be a part of back in September. They booked their wedding with me shortly after which means...complimentary engagement session!🥳 We met in Downtown Raleigh and hit some of my go-to spots: City Market with its quaint cobblestone streets and Moore Square Parking Deck.

I especially enjoyed hearing the story of how they got together....eharmony! Antonio is from New Jersey; Caitlin is from right here in North Carolina. I should've guessed it, but I just didn't realize they met online, so when they told me that, of course I asked some follow-up questions. Would you believe Antonio's time on eharmony was running out. He was almost to the end of his subscription. And on the other end of the computer, Caitlin had JUST taken the it was her first paid day, people. Here's what she said, "It was technically my first paid day on there. I had a profile, but it was the first day I actually decided to take the plunge and pay for it so that I could see messages and reply to messages. And there was Antonio’s 😂🥰"

Perfect timing for these two.

After virtually meeting each other, Antonio came down to visit Caitlin, and their first in-person date was at the North Carolina State Fair. I guess things went pretty well (even though they ran into Caitlin's younger brother along the way😏).

Congrats on engagement season, you two! See you on April 1st!

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