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Seasonal Bucket List + Places to Visit Around Raleigh

We are about halfway through the summer so I thought it was about time to share my summer bucket list. Just going to pretty much copy/paste from the Notes app on my phone! :) I've put asterisks beside ones I've already completed! Below my bucket list, I've shared some places around Raleigh to visit so scroll down and check those out too!

  • Buy, cut, and eat a watermelon***

  • Finish mantle, Baby's room, and entry wall

  • Swim with Baby***

  • Get in a hot tub

  • Ride a rollercoaster (or several)

  • Read a fiction book

  • Read a Christian living book

  • Finish Romans Bible study

  • Get a real haircut

  • Do a craft with Baby***

  • Zoooo

  • Visit a waterfall***

  • Family photos***

  • Spa day at home (with Kris? lol)

  • Banana popsicles

Places to Visit

Places to Visit

These are all in Raleigh or in the Raleigh area!

  • Falls Lake beaches (Sandling, Beaver Dam, etc.)

  • Pullen Park - We went here recently and were impressed. If you go on the right days, you can have a fun mini amusement park feel. You'll find a concession-type cafe, a carousel, paddle boats, and a train that takes you around the park. There is also a neat playground with a little sand/water area!

  • Andia's Ice Cream - I follow Andia's on Instagram, and they just look so fun! Their menu changes every month with the exception of some items that are always available. Their crazy elaborate milkshakes always catch my eye.

  • Umstead State Park (Sycamore, Company Mill, and Loblolly trails)

  • Raleigh Farmer’s Market

  • Little Doodle's Play Space & Cafe - This has been mentioned to me twice recently by different people! Sounds fun for littles! Here is an excerpt taken from their website: "we strive to create an environment where kids and adults can experience unique learning, play, and creativity while enjoying gourmet coffee and beverages, local goods and snacks."

  • Marbles Kid Museum - You have to book your tickets in advance right now because capacity is limited. It's $4.50 per ticket unless your child is under one year - then they're free.

Day Trips

  • Aloha Safari Zoo - about 55 minutes from Raleigh - "The Aloha Safari Zoo's mission is to create a loving home ​for unwanted, mistreated, and injured animals."

  • Wet n' Wild Emerald Pointe - about an hour and a half from Raleigh - North Carolina's best water least that's what they say!

  • North Carolina Zoo - about an hour and a half from Raleigh

Lastly, I discovered a website recently with all kinds of ideas for kids around the Raleigh area. It's called Fun 4 Raleigh Kids. Check it out at this link! Here's a screenshot I took of the categories they have listed.

If you have more ideas for fun things to do in the summer around Raleigh, let me know! I'd love to hear them! Happy summer!

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