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Senior Mini Sessions Are Here!

I LOVE shooting mini sessions! They give me an opportunity to work with lots of people in just one day! I get to serve and hang out with multiple seniors in a short amount of time, and that gets me super excited! What's a mini session? A mini session is exactly what it sounds like - not a full-out, hour-long, tons of images, full-priced session. No, a mini session is a shorter session with fewer images and less decisions for you to make!

Mini sessions are perfect for people who:

1. Don't want a full session (You get 30 minutes)!

2. Don't need TONS of photos (You get 25 high resolution images)!

3. Want to spend less money (You pay $150 - That's HALF PRICE, people)!

4. Don't want to worry about choosing a location for their session (It's already picked for you)!

Fall senior mini sessions will be held on Saturday, October 5 in the afternoon. Spots are very limited and will be filled at a first-come-first-serve basis!

Are you interested in getting senior portraits done this fall? A mini session may be the perfect option for you! Here are the details:

  • When? Saturday, October 5

  • What time? 30 minute time slot between 2:30 - 5:00

  • Who? ANY SENIOR!

If you're interested in booking a senior mini session, visit my Contact Page, and fill out the form. Just be sure to clarify that you're wanting to book a mini session!

Can't wait to make some magic!

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