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The Laurelbrook - Urban Industrial Raleigh Wedding

Koyri + Jenna - Where to start?! I scrolled back through my emails because I was curious how long Jenna and I had been in communication with each other.

September 2019.

18 Months.

A change of venue.

An updated guest count.

A new date on the calendar.

And here we are. I was actually in the hospital and had very freshly given birth to my baby when I got a text from Jenna about their updated wedding date. I checked my calendar (eventually haha) and figured out that I could indeed make the new date work, but back then (in June), March felt like quite a ways away. It's taken a lot to get here, but I am absolutely thrilled to tell ya...Koyri and Jenna ARE MARRIED!

I also have to throw in here - when Jenna said they were thinking about changing their venue to the Laurelbrook, I immediately Googled it, and wow. I was excited. This urban, industrial venue has an old-garage-meets-greenhouse feel, and the natural light pouring in was a dream.

Let's start with some details, shall we?

Jenna wore the veil her sister and matron of honor wore on her wedding day. Something borrowed.

I really just can't get over the details of this dress. Jenna got her dress at New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh, and as I was scrolling on their website just now, I asked Kris if we could get married that's all you need to know.


Don't forget to make time for a first look with your mom, dad, siblings, or anyone special to you! I usually plan for these moments to take place right after the details and getting ready shots (which are the first things I photograph when I arrive).


Not sure if you know this yet or not, but the ceremony might be my favorite thing to photograph the entire day. Know why?

1. The sacred meaning behind it.

2. The opportunity to tell a story through journalistic photography.

3. The fact that people aren't focused on my camera. That means I have the opportunity to capture some of the most real and raw moments of the day.

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that there are just some things (a whole lot of things) we cannot control. The weather is one of them. Slightly terrifying but mostly just memorable, a crazy storm popped up during cocktail hour while we were trying to squeeze in bridal party, family, and bride and groom photos. We won't talk about the table that was swept over by the wind...or the hedge wall in front of the parking lot that collapsed. But let's talk about the overcast weather, the flower petals blown across the pavement, and the wind-blown look in that black and white photo down below! I can get behind a good pop-up storm.