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These Are a Few - Summer Edition

Starting a new series over here called: "These Are a Few." Can't you hear Julie Andrews now? Singing about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? That's where the name came from, and it's really just a series that gives me an excuse to share things I'm loving. So here we go - some of my favorite things this summer. I've included links to all of them.

The Chosen - This is a TV show about the life and ministry of Jesus. It can be streamed for free on their app or website. It makes the stories and characters come alive, and I've even learned some things! It's given me a greater desire to read my Bible and know Jesus better personally.

Dairy Queen Drumstick Blizzard - I first tried this last summer shortly after our baby was born. I was never a big Dairy Queen person. In fact, I really hadn't even had very many blizzards in my life. But after trying this one, I'm hooked. It's seasonal so enjoy it while you can. And they have good deals on the DQ app, so check that out too!

Target Dress - This burnt orange t-shirt dress has been a summer staple for me. I can throw it on with tennis shoes to run errands, or I can dress it up with some jewelry and sandals. It's longer on me than it looks on the model.

Target Bag - I have constantly used this bag since purchasing it just a few weeks ago. I really don't need a big diaper bag most days, so this smaller black backpack has been my go-to this summer. I love the size and material. It's classy looking but has a sporty finish and can be easily wiped off.

Mushie Bib - We use this bib pretty much every day. I found my Mushie bib at TJ Maxx, but you can get them from Amazon or their website directly if you don't get as lucky as I did at TJ Maxx! Here's a link for 20% off products on their website.

Long Sleeve Bib - We're pretty sure Karis struggles with contact dermatitis, so I got this long sleeve smock bib with a pouch for the foods that give her a rash. I'll admit I'm lazy and don't use it as much as I probably should so it doesn't really classify as one of my faaavorite things, but it's a good smock for eating or maybe even painting!

Baby Turbans - Karis just got this set of three for her birthday from Nana, and we looove them. They're currently $12.68 on Amazon.

Baby Shoes - Sorry for all the baby stuff, but it's where I'm at right now. ha! With our crazy little walker, I knew I needed to find some good shoes that she could wear when we go out places. She usually tries to take shoes off immediately, but she didn't with these, and she was actually able to walk in them right away which surprised me. They're cute and have a hard bottom, made for new little walkers.

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