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3 Alternatives to a Wedding Venue

I've talked with multiple people recently who have been struggling with their venue situation. In fact, one of my brides was just having a straight-up hard time finding a venue for her reception.

And I know venues can get pricey. I also know there are really no rules here...

Should I say that again? There isn't a declaration of wedding venues sitting in a glass case somewhere that we all have to abide by. You can do what you want!🥳

So I'm just sharing 3 out-of-the-box alternative ideas to a wedding venue space, but know that this list isn't exhaustive. I hope it helps and inspires!

1. Backyard, Anyone?

Does anyone in your circle have a backyard that could work for a ceremony and/or reception? It doesn't need to be a huge space especially if you're keeping your guest list to close family and friends. You may want to rent some chairs, but the costs are likely going to be much cheaper than renting an entire venue space, and backyard weddings can definitely be cozy, intimate, and special.

2. Get Outside

Consider State or National Parks and Forests for your "venue." They're some of the most beautiful places in the country. A very real example: You can get married (and bring up to 23 other people along) in parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway for just $100. You can get married in a lot of awesome places. Sometimes a permit or two might be required, and there may be a small fee, but like...hundreds if not thousands of dollars LESS than a venue.

3. Airbnb / Rental Home

Okay, think about it...

You spend the weekend in a fun vacation home with your people. Step outside into the trees for your first look. Then everyone heads to your ceremony spot where you say your vows with family and friends close by. You celebrate with an awesome meal, a bonfire, string lights under the night sky...I don't know I'm just throwing out ideas here! It can be so unique to you and what you guys as a couple like.

Some options:

  • Cabin in the mountains

  • Beach house with ocean views

  • Treehouse in the forest

  • House boat on a lake

Head to Airbnb's or Vrbo's website and start looking around. There are seriously so many cool places.

Pro tip: If you know you want something big, you can filter the guest number to 16+.

So whatcha think? Would you ever use one of these for your wedding? Let me know if you have other wedding venue alternatives!

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