A Cleaner + Safer Home

Let me just start off by saying, I know there is always something cleaner and safer than what I'm using. The thoughts and items I'm sharing here are a step in the right direction so I'm excited about them! If you're an expert in this field, feel free to share your recommendations with me!

So I've been working towards cleaner, more natural products for a while now, but recently I read an article that really got me thinking. I was searching how to get detox your body basically, detox of harmful toxins. What I learned is that our bodies are amazing and well-equipped to get rid of toxic stuff. The body's natural detoxification process is complex and does a great job. So when we talk about "detoxing," we're really only trying to enhance what already is being done.

Healthier Eating

Here's the article that started this journey for me. It lists nine ways to rejuvenate your body - things like, "Focus on sleep" (we're working on that over here - someone needs to inform my 8 month old)!

Other suggested action steps are drinking more water and reducing processed and sugary foods. But then it lists some specific foods that help your body's detoxification processes. These are antioxidant-rich foods, preboitics, and foods that contain sulfur.

It was time for another Walmart grocery pickup order for our family. Using the article I had just read as my guide, I set out to fill this order with foods I'd be happy to bring into our home.

Side note, but if you haven't used Walmart grocery pickup, I think you're missing out. We love it. It's so nice to be able to shop from my home, while checking in the fridge and pantry for what we need. It's also nice to not have to walk around the entire grocery section twice looking for the vanilla extract (just me? probably). One other thing that's so great about it is the substitutions! Every single order I make, I end up getting substitutions. If they run out of something, they do what they can to find a BETTER substitute, and you still pay the same price of the original item. I've paid for a 16oz bag of frozen strawberries and walked away with a 32oz bag of organic frozen strawberries. This last order we got a giant 24 count bag of corn on the cob. I paid for a 6 count bag. And one time they even stuck a whole roast in our order...not sure if that one was a mistake...haha I attribute it to the fact that we had to wait in line a long time. Either way, we always look forward to seeing what substitutions we'll get.

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Here are just a few items I added to our order this time keeping in mind the detox article I had read:

  • Cilantro - taking from the Healthline article, "Cilantro enhances excretion of certain toxins, such as heavy metals like lead, and chemicals, including phthalates and insecticides."

  • Asparagus - "Eating foods rich in prebiotics can keep your immune and detoxification systems healthy. Good food sources of prebiotics include tomatoes, artichokes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic, and oats."

  • Bananas and potatoes - Foods rich in potassium help counteract salt intake.