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Boho Woodland Wedding Shoot - Raleigh, NC

This day was perfect! I worked with a small team of awesome people to make this wedding shoot come to life! Krista (The Everyday Aesthetic) was one of my first friends when my family moved to North Carolina right before I started kindergarten. We've been friends ever since, and when I was trying to think of someone who would make a perfect coordinator and planner for this day, she was an obvious choice! She also shocked us and made and decorated the beautiful cake!

Ashlyn is Krista's cousin, and she's the creative behind Ashlyn Jean flower crowns! She and her new husband, Drew, were the perfect models for us as well! They totally crushed it.

I knew I wanted boho vibes for this shoot, and a woodland setting was just perfect. We pulled our resources together (Krista is a PRO at finding beautiful vintage pieces in thrift stores, and Ashlyn has a beautiful home decor style) and created a fun boho woodland styled shoot!

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