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Charming Historic (and Rainy) Holly Springs Wedding // Jason + Melanie

If there were some equivalent to the Oscars for Bethany Wilder Media brides, Melanie would probably win "most chill bride." And I've had some laid-back brides. I walked into the bridal salon expecting to get some items to use for detail photos, and she said something like, "I don't really have details." She just really didn't care about the little things.

Don't worry, you know I gathered what she did have and captured some detail shots! You never know! In forty years, she might want to look back and remember what shoes she wore!😆

From the little time I've spent with Jason, I can tell he's loved by many. Just a genuinely kind person.

So thankful to document days like this!



We did a quick first look outside, but with the rain, we decided to move the party inside for bride and groom portrait time.

Turns out I love the way this room inside worked for Jason and Melanie's private vows. I believe Melanie said they called this the "Downton Abbey" room.