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Everything to Know As You Prepare for Your Couples Session

Couples sessions are some of my favorites. There is so much opportunity for capturing true connection on camera! I love creating a space where people who love each other can genuinely interact with each other. And I love capturing those interactions on camera. If you're preparing for a couples session, here are some things to know!

Location Location Location

Think about what vibe or feel you're going for. What pictures have you seen that you love? Is it a city/urban feel? A rustic feel? A whimsical adventurous feel? Whatever it is, there's a location for you! Here are some of my favorite locations around Raleigh:

Places outside Raleigh

But What Will I Wear?!

Am I the only one who thought of this scene...

  • Feel free to bring a couple outfits - one casual and one dressy.

  • Neutrals will look good in front of almost any background, but ultimately I want you to wear whatever feels true to YOU! Think about where we're shooting. Think about what the background will be, and choose something that will stand out without clashing.

  • Don't be afraid to accessorize - hats, jewelry, whatever is true to you!

  • Don't stress about it. Just wear something you love and feel beautiful in.

How's This Gonna Go?

Here are some things I'd love for you to know ahead of time:

  • I’m not looking for the perfectly-posed photo. You don’t have to worry about where your hand should go. One of my biggest goals in photography is to capture real emotion, interaction, and connection, and I'll work to create a space where you can get relaxed and comfy. So don't stress about poses! :)

  • I just want this to be a laid-back, enjoyable time where the two of you can hang out with each other. Like a little date.

Pro Tips

  • Spend the day together doing things you love. Get coffee, hit up a favorite lunch spot, whatever it is, just enjoy being together on the day of your session. You want to show up unhurried and connected.

  • Bring your favorite music playlist to listen to while we shoot!

After the Session: What to Expect

You can expect to see some sneak peeks from your engagement session within one week of our time together. Are we following each other? That's a great place to start because I love sharing sneaks on Instagram! You can expect your full gallery back within one month of our time together. Woohoo!

Are you interested in booking a couples session with me?

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