Five Steps to Plan Your At-Home Travel Date Night

This picture didn't come as easily as it might look...

I'll share some outtakes at the end of the post. But let me first get to the good stuff - the stuff that brought you here!

Here's how it all began. We stumbled upon a long weekend. I say "stumbled" because we didn't really see it coming...which is nice in some ways, a pleasant surprise. But in lots of other ways, it's disappointing because there was no planning ahead. So we searched and searched but just couldn't find a place to stay that we were excited about. I mean, on Airbnb, we pretty much had our pick of all the castles (huge expensive houses for lots of people) or the camp grounds (don't own a tent so), we were pretty much out of options. Then Kris had this great idea.

He said, "All you have to do is pick three cities you want to go to." Three cities - any cities. Because we're bringing those far-away places to us. And the best part? Surprising each other with the cities we picked! We had so much fun and made some great memories. If you want to knock your next date night out of the park, here are some tips to a successful at-home travel date:

  1. Pick the Place

  2. Pick the Food

  3. Pick the Activity

  4. Pick the Entertainment

  5. Ideas to Get You Started

Pick the Place

You don't have to start with this one (I didn't). But if you have an idea of where you'd like to go, start there! I picked Venice, Italy (but any Italian city would've worked for my theme). There are about 10,000 for you to choose from. Seriously, I looked it up.