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Frazier Family

The Fraziers are a super sweet family in our church, and I was so excited to get some photos for them! These boys gave me a run for my money, but I didn't mind at all! Capturing kids' personalities is fun, and that's easier to do with kids like these boys! Carmen and I kept referring to the hilarious photos we were getting as "real life" photos - reality versus Pinterest. It was our joke, but isn't that true? We have ideas of how we want things to look and be, but then the real moments happen...and that's okay. In fact, that's good! I think we were able to capture some sweet moments from our evening that represent so many other sweet moments during this stage of life that I don't ever get to see. Those "real life" moments. We got some nice smiles too, and I know that's what makes mom happy!

Carmen chose her house along with a trail they frequent as a family as the backdrop for these photos.💞 Such a good idea! Because years from now, they’ll not only have family photos. They’ll have family photos in a special place that holds lots of memories! I'm all for that!

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