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Giveaway Winner - Luisaura!

Luisaura was the winner of my Instagram giveaway from last month. She's also one of my students - I get to teach her for TWO classes. She's got loads of energy and is just a beautiful person.

Wish you could see behind the scenes of this mini session. I'm not exaggerating when I say we were pretty much just on the side of the road...along with all the weeds, mosquitoes, and overgrown grass that you'd imagine (oh and some creepy abandoned houses)! It's an area that I pass all the time on the way home from school, and I've been wanting to get pictures of someone here for a while now because something about this place draws me in. Luisaura trusted me, and I love her for that. We pretty much crammed two themes into about 20-25 minutes. I picked a few of my favorite photos from this shoot and shared them below. Love you, Luisaura!

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