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Honeymoon-Planning Tips from a Travel Agent

I'm pretty excited about this new blog post series! Maybe it's the journalism major in me, but I thought it would be cool to interview vendors in the wedding space, ask them practical and interesting questions, and share their tips and answers with you! This series isn't necessarily photography related, but I do hope it's helpful to you as you plan towards your wedding or elopement!

To start things off, let's jump straight to the fun part - the honeymoon! The vacation with your bestie after everything else has died down. My friend, Jonathan Clark is a travel agent with Travelmation. He shared his thoughts on where to go, when to start planning, and he even shared his favorite place he's visited!


When it comes to deciding where to actually go, Jonathan said, "There are a lot of options for sure. It all depends on what you are in to."

  • If you want a warm location to relax and be pampered, consider an all-inclusive resort.

  • If you like sightseeing and iconic places, maybe a trip to Europe is for you.

  • He said even Disney World for a honeymoon can be fun!

"It all depends on how you want to spend your honeymoon together. Budgeting is super important too! I have access to promotions and ways honeymooners can save money though!"

Who doesn't want that?!


"Start planning ASAP." Jonathan said, "Locations can sometimes book up as far as a year in advance. Even after you book with me, if a promotion comes out after, I can modify your reservation and save money!"

Again...we're here for the money saving.


As you might have guessed, Jonathan said the best time to travel can be determined by location. His example was the Caribbean during hurricane season...probably not what you're going for.😬 So think about that as you plan your wedding and honeymoon.

And hey, no one says you have to immediately go on the honeymoon. I just followed along on Instagram as a couple went to St. Lucia for their honeymoon months after the wedding. It's all up to you, friend. Jonathan did mention that traveling to certain locations can also be cheaper based on peak seasons so that's another thing to think about.


Jonathan said he LOVED visiting Jamaica (Negril and South Coast). He enjoyed the culture, the people they met, and he said it was amazing (and budget friendly).


When it comes to specific services that travel agents offer, it will likely look different depending on the agent, but Jonathan shared the specific services that he provides. This is something I'd want to know about my agent before committing to working with them.

Jonathan's Services

- all the research for the couple

- getting pricing together

- comparing options

- making phone calls

- walking clients through what they should expect when traveling

"They tell me what they want, and I do my best to make it happen."

"The best part... my services are completely free!"

Seriously no strings attached. He just helped us plan our spring break trip, and it didn't cost us a thing.

I hope these tips were helpful to you as you think through plans for your honeymoon! If you want to get in touch with Jonathan, his contact info is listed b""hear froelow.


Phone: 919-444-6031

Let me know what wedding vendor you want to hear from next!

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