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Howze Family

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

This family shoot was filled with lots of laughter! We had such a fun time together exploring Downtown Raleigh. We met at City Market, which is an older part of downtown - notice the cobblestone road! That's where we started and ended our time together. The hanging lights above the street are the perfect touch to this quaint little corner of downtown. From there we really just walked around finding good spots. Ask the people close to me what my worst skill in life is, and they will tell you one of two things - making decisions and... directions. So the Maps app came in handy. I wouldn't have made it without a GPS. We worked our way to Fayetteville Street, which is the street the Capitol building is on. We were able to find so many fun spots! My sweet husband, Kris, drove around and location scouted for me because I hadn't seen all the areas myself prior to the shoot. Because of this, all five of us had a way to get from location to location without the headache of finding and paying for parking. After we made it all the way to the Capitol and got some photos there, Kris picked us up, and we headed for Boylan Bridge. There's nothing super special about this bridge in and of itself, but turn to the left and you'll find a great view of the Raleigh skyline!

You'll notice a lot of laughing photos - I love that! I try to make laughing photos happen in every single shoot. That wasn't hard with this crew. Ask Jeff about his airplane joke. I would share it here, but it really doesn't work without hearing how the punchline is delivered. Okay fine, I'll try: "What do we want? low flying airplanes... When do we want them? nnnnneeow." Did you get it? Maybe? No? You'll just have to ask him... Anyway I seriously did have such a good time, and I will most definitely be returning to this location for future sessions!

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