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In-home Newborn Session || Cary, NC

I'm obsessed. Have I mentioned I love in-home newborn sessions? I don't get the chance to do them often, in fact, I think my last one was almost exactly a year ago. I remember sharing that it was the perfect way for me to start the year. It is such a privilege to document these seasons - the vulnerability and newness of bringing a little stranger home to be a part of you forever, and one of the biggest parts of you at that. Love that I can be here and do this.

In-home, lifestyle sessions like this don't really demand constant posing and prompting. I'm there to document the moments as they unfold. Of course, I'll tell you where to stand, and if you feel awkward, I'm happy to tell you what to do. But as I looked at these photos of Sameer, I realized he didn't need much directing at all. Just a dad interacting with his son. I'm here for that.

Congrats, Sameer and Caro. I don't take it lightly that you've trusted me to capture your engagement, pregnancy, and now this sweet season with Baby.❤️

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