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Intimate Rainy Wedding // Malique + Meg

Where to even start? I was excited to hear from Meg back when she first reached out about her wedding. I knew Meg from college, but we hadn't connected since then so to hear she was getting married in the Raleigh area was exciting!

Their wedding took place on Thursday. If you look back at the forecast from Thursday, it probably has rain for every hour of the day because that's what it felt like. In fact, here's how the day started: I was two minutes out from the venue, having a grand old time in the car, touching base with my second shooter, preparing to document this day, when all of a sudden, it started pouring. Like not sprinkling. Pouring. I arrived to the venue, ran inside, and Meg showed up pretty soon after. Happy wedding day! Time to get drenched!

No, honestly, the rain might have added a lot of things to the day, but the only thing worth mentioning is how it added to the sweet and intimate feel. It really did work out perfectly. Scroll through these sneak peeks to see what I mean.

Meg wore a bracelet from her grandmother with her fingerprint and a sweet engraving on it.

I love rain. Besides being the most romantic weather there is, rain also gives a beautiful cloudy sky which means you have much more freedom with the places and angles you can use for pictures (without being affected by harsh shadows). Meg and Malique were great about the weather. Just a go-with-the-flow attitude the entire day...and I love that.

First Looks

The moment he finally saw his mama as a bride

I had been hanging with Austin some on Thursday morning before his first look with his mom. He was patiently waiting but also ready to see her. I asked what color he thought her dress was going to be. He knew. “White😊” he told me.

It was seriously so sweet to hear Austin's, "Hey, Mama!" when he saw Meg come around the corner.

Marriage means getting to put your cold feet on your significant other any time you want. Right, Malique? I think that's what was being discussed in the left picture below.

Remember what I said about rain being romantic...

The Ceremony

The ceremony and reception were held at The Rand-Bryan House in Garner, NC.

Malique and Meg chose to pour sand as their sign of unity. Austin took his place at the front and joined them as well, pouring his special blue color of sand in the vase. I overheard Austin talking to his aunt at the end of the night, and he said, "What was your favorite part of the day?" She told him it was this moment right here, watching him pour the sand with his mom and dad.

Not pictured: The bright blue tarp they're standing on. Thanks, Rand-Bryan House for having everything we needed!

The Reception

Would you believe it, after a massively rainy day, we had dry moments at the end of the night for a sparkler exit!

Congratulations to Malique and Meg! I'm so thankful I got to witness your day, celebrate you two, and watch your family join together in marriage! It was the best. Rain or shine.

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