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Intimate Wedding in Spring Hope, North Carolina | The Ridge House

After a last minute wedding date switch (due to tropical storm winds and rain, a tent that wouldn't stay put, and wet, muddy ground no doubt), Nicole and Denning ended up with about the most beautiful North Carolina wedding day weather you could ask for on Sunday, September 24.

The venue for this intimate wedding was called The Ridge House, and it's an awesome little Airbnb in Spring Hope, North Carolina situated next to woods, fields, and a little pond. The day was beautiful, laid-back, smaller, more intimate, go-with-the-flow - all things I love on wedding days.

Nicole came prepared with two boxes of details, and I could've photographed them for hours.

Okay, this is super cool. Denning didn't pick out his wedding day tie; Nicole did (that might not be too out of the ordinary for brides and grooms). But Nicole didn't just pick out his tie. She had it made. From fabric taken from her wedding dress! So they matched.

A sweet first look with dad...

And same for Denning and his mom...

Finally time for Denning and Nicole to be together!



We sneaked away for some photos as the sun was giving off the last light of the day.

...aaand back to the party

I loved grabbing shots of both Denning and Nicole dancing with their moms.

Rose petal send off!

Congrats, Denning and Nicole!! Your day was amazing and beautiful, and y'all are the sweetest. I'm so glad I got to be a part of your first day of marriage!

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