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Lehman Family - 50th Anniversary Session | Greenville, SC

What do you do when your middle school basketball coach says her family is looking for a photographer to shoot their parents' 50th anniversary session? You JUMP at the chance. Kris and I made our way to Greenville, South Carolina, for my cousin's wedding in mid-July (see sneak peeks here), and that presented the perfect chance to fit in this beautiful family session. Murl and Barbara Lehman are the sweetest and have served the Lord faithfully for so many years. Each of their three kids was able to be at this session with their families as well. I was seriously blessed to hang out with this sweet bunch and to capture some fun memories for them!


Annette was my piano teacher in elementary school, and I just loved meeting her sweet family!

This little guy was the cutest and so good at posing for the camera!

Though miles have separated us and years have passed, the DeLand family is still one of my favorites. I don't remember a whole lot about what I learned in middle school math class or basketball practice, but I do remember the time Jen pulled me out of class to ask how I was doing, to encourage me not to let circumstances influence my attitude, to remind me that being a pastor's kid can be hard, but that ministry is worth it. I do remember the times Dave and Jen taught my kid's class on Wednesday nights at church...and then moved up to take over the youth group throughout my middle school years. I remember talking to Jen in the midst of a crazy busy college semester. She listened to everything I had going on and didn't brush it off with the typical, "It only gets busier from here," that is so often heard. And just the other day we were on the phone for an hour as I was getting all the business advice I could! It's awesome to see how she's built her business from the ground up! Check it out - Bargain Box and Bunks! It's a lesson to me as a teacher - kids aren't always going to remember what you said, but they probably will remember how you listened. They'll remember how you made them feel.

Ok enough mush. On with the photos.

Can you tell they like to have a good time? I love sessions like this!

And here is the sweet couple responsible for all of this! Happy 50 years, you two!

Location: Cornerstone Baptist Church | Taylors, South Carolina

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