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Raleigh, NC Wedding // Ben + Victoria

Updated: May 17, 2022

Imagine finding out the air conditioning for your ceremony space went out...about one month before your wedding date. Oh, and it won't be fixed by your wedding date. Yep! This ceremony wasn't supposed to take place where it did, but family and friends came together and made it happen beautifully. I never heard Victoria or Ben complain once about the change in venue. What a good reminder that the day isn't about the venue, the party, or the details. It's truly about two people vowing themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, and at the end of the day, Victoria and Ben were married. That's what we celebrate (plus, the new venue had beautiful light so I definitely didn’t mind😉).

Sometimes while driving to sessions and weddings, I pray. Sometimes I listen to music to try to get in the mood. On this particular day, I think I did some of both, and somewhere along the way, I had a thought. Marriage is a result of God’s goodness. When sin entered the world, that could've been the end of anything good for humans. But not only is saving grace real, the common grace of God is real too - just good things we experience here on earth. And I think the fact that we can enjoy good gifts like marriage (or laughter, summertime, a good meal), shows us quite a bit about who He is.

Anyway...on to the sneaks! There are lots so buckle up!