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Ricky + Mikayla | Cincinnati, OH Wedding

Narrowing down about 600 photos to 53 wasn't easy! Every detail of this wedding was thought through perfectly, and it 100% reflected who Mikayla and Ricky are. The reception room had an entire wall covered with the Cincinnati skyline. AMAZING! The kids' table was filled with coloring books, toys, and even live goldfish (kinda wish I could've sat there to be honest). The FOOD...well I'll let you scroll to see how much food we had. Tables and tables of Cincinnati favorites - what a dream.haha Congrats, Mikayla and Ricky! Love you both!

Something blue

Mikayla and Ricky decided to do their first look and bride and groom portraits the night before their actual wedding so we would have great lighting and all the time we needed. It was amazing really. But they started that time by playing a little trick on Ricky. While he THOUGHT he was waiting for his bride to touch him on the shoulder so they could share their first look, this happened instead...

Yep that's the best man and a Goodwill wedding dress.

We found the BEST view of the skyline!

Can you tell we all love Cincinnati?

The groomsmen wanted to hold hands and skip to me, so you'd better believe that's what we did. Kris shot this one from the side, and I love it.

I bet you'd never guess we're in a cemetery for these shots. We were.

Littlest ring bearer is my favorite thing about this picture. He was not having any of it.

Mikayla wanted to do personality headshots of bride, groom, and the entire bridal party. Such a fun idea! Sharing just a few here.

Cincinnati favorites everywhere you look! There was also a table with Chick-fil-a, White Castle, and chicken, potatoes, and Mac n' cheese. So.Much.Food. Because we hardly EVER get Skyline chili, I really had no choice but to pile my bowl full of noodles, chili, and too much shredded cheese. I'm hungry.

Every detail was thought through, and this wedding was so unique. Like the time they pretended they were about to feed each other a piece of cake and then smashed it into the best man's and maid of honor's faces instead...

Happy marriage, you two!

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