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September Wedding in Garner, North Carolina | Ethan + Alayna

Wayyy back in their "Getting to Know You" questionnaire, Alayna described the two of them as a couple as being laid back and adventurous. I literally used to have those exact words in my Instagram bio. As I've gotten to spend time with them and know them better, I've seen their love for the outdoors, mountains specifically (unfortunately they didn't pack me in their bags to Montana and let me take photos of them on their honeymoon).

They also have a beautiful love for each other that's reflective in the way they care for one another, cherish each other, and just have fun together. Running through a field and throwing her over his shoulder "like a sack of taters" were just a couple wedding-day moments that let me catch a glimpse of the fun they have together.

As you scroll through these sneak peek photos of their September wedding in Garner, North Carolina, look for a couple things: the mountain touches sprinkled throughout the day (I think I counted at least 4), and the meaningful moments.


After the ceremony, we took some quick family photos and then headed over to The Farm at 42.


Since my approach to wedding photography leans pretty heavily toward a documentary style, I'm often looking for meaningful moments and real emotions to capture on camera. The ceremony and reception are some of the best times for that!

The music for Alayna's father/daughter dance was a recording of her grandfather singing. You can tell by the photos that this was a meaningful moment.

As the sun was setting, we were able to sneak away for a little while during the reception and get some husband and wife photos.

OKAY, this was a story for the books, so I have to include it here. Ethan lost his wedding ring...on his wedding day! In his defense, it was probably a bit too loose on him. And at some point during the reception he realized it wasn't on his hand. I went back through my photos and zoomed in (like way in) and discovered right around the moment it happened. It was during one of those rowdy groomsman photos - shocker, right?😉 Guests searched the grass, and after quite a while of that, a metal detector showed up. More searching, and I kid you not, AFTER Ethan and Alayna ran through the send-off line, these sweet people came around the corner with the ring! My camera was in my bag. I was about to leave. But I whipped it out for a quick picture to document the resolution of this story!

CONGRATS, Ethan and Alayna! Hope you're enjoying your Montana honeymoon! Thankful for God's leading in your lives. You two are great together. And thank you for letting me celebrate with you!

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