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Southern Chic Wedding // George Wayne + Kimberlyn

The FIRST night Kimberlyn met George Wayne, she said, “If I married George Wayne, my name would be Kimberlyn Summerlin.” Pretty soon they started dating, and two weeks in Kimberlyn knew she'd marry him. Now here we are. George Wayne and Kimberlyn Summerlin, a big congratulations to you both. I'm so thankful to have been there for your first day of marriage.

Vendors are listed at the bottom of this post!

Smells hold memories! Kimberlyn mentioned that this is the perfume she wore when she first started dating George Wayne, and when the bottle ran out way back then, she never bought another bottle...until she was shopping for her wedding day. Even at the beginning of their relationship, she thought this was the guy she'd spend forever with, and because this was the fragrance she used at the very beginning, she wanted it to be special for her wedding day too.

First Look with Dad

Bridal Party

Because Kimberlyn wanted George Wayne's "first look" to be when she was coming down the aisle, we split the group up and did bridesmaid and groomsmen pictures separately before the ceremony. I told the girls to be ready to sprint to the road if we got some good cloud coverage. They were ready, and we were able to get beautiful pictures in several different spots.

The Ceremony

On days without first looks, we have a very small window for photos of the bridal party all together. That window is right after the ceremony and family formal portraits. Guess what - the clouds covered the sky, and we had beautiful overcast at the perfect time. I know people were praying for good weather leading up to this day, and we really couldn't have asked for much better for pictures!

The Party

They had the coolest popcorn bar that I visited one too many times.

George Wayne and Kimberlyn watched the bridal party entrances from the beautifully decorated balcony up above.

One of my favorite things the bride and groom did during the reception was this. The DJ announced the challenge - a picture at every table during one song. He started playing that song, and we were off, running across the room (and sliding across the floor for me - my shoes were made for this moment). We managed to get to every table before the song was over. I love this idea for several reasons:

  1. The bride and groom can get pictures with all of their guests.

  2. But it's done in a QUICK way!

  3. It was entertaining - people were watching us run around the room, and it was fun to see if we'd make it in time!


Videographer: 24K Productions

Caterer: Meat Masters

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