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Strother Family

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Katie and Jordan have been dating since middle school! I still remember those days. They were two grades above me, and I looked up to them. My freshman year, Katie and I played basketball and soccer together. When I think of Katie back then, she was a teenager who had godly priorities and didn't focus on worldliness, which doesn't happen a whole lot - what an example! She was also smart, athletic, and well-liked (especially by Jordan)! ;) I didn't know Jordan as well as Katie, but his little sister was one of my favorite little friends. She was in elementary school. Now she's a senior! Shoutout to Sydney! Funny how life works. My family moved away after that freshman year, and now here I am, back in Eastern North Carolina taking family photos of this sweet couple AND THEIR NEW BABY! So much fun.

We ventured to Historic Oak View Park which is SUCH a wonderful location for family photos. It offers tons of variety. We got a cotton field, a grassy area with trees behind us, a big barn, an old porch, a white fence, a cute brick walkway, and a woodsy path! Katie and I had been in communication throughout the week trying to decide if the weather was going to work. The rain held off for us, and we had beautiful overcast lighting all morning!

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