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TJ + Lauren Morris Peaceland Farm Rainy Wedding | Raleigh, NC

Maybe all summers are like this, but I've never realized how rainy the days can be. As I sit here and put together this rainy wedding blog post, I'm listening to rolling thunder in the distance. Honestly - I love it!

However...we were all a little concerned about when the rain would make its appearance on this day. We were watching the radar closely while planning and adjusting accordingly. It looked as if we were going to have to move the ceremony location so guests wouldn't get soaked. But just in time, the sky cleared up enough for us to watch Lauren and TJ become husband and wife overlooking the gorgeous scenery of Morris Peaceland Farm.

The rose gold rings, flower crown, greenery, candles, pearls from Lauren's grandmother, and all the other details in between, made this day unique to Lauren and TJ. They're both laid back and kind-hearted, and I was so honored to be there celebrating their first day of marriage with them.

Here are those pearls that became Lauren's "something old."

This is what we looked out and saw in the hours leading up to the ceremony! Rain and puddles and wet horses!

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