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Travel Bucket List

I've never really had a bucket list (unless you count a few pins on Pinterest here and there). I think my personality tends to stay away from organized lists and plans. In fact, have you seen those Eneagram Bingo graphics going around social media? My family has talked and laughed about them a good bit recently. I'm a strong 7, and one of the boxes said, "Buys plane ticket...figures the rest out later." I remember being in college and googling "cheapest flights to anywhere." Now that could have been the stress of college getting to me who knows...

Kris and I definitely have places we want to visit, places we've talked about together. And I have places I'd LOVE to shoot! So I thought I'd sit down and put some thought into a bucket list for once - a travel bucket list. Here are five places I'd love to see and experience:

1. The PNW

Pretty much any state or national park out there, the Oregon coast, Seattle, Portland, the trees, the mountains, the water! The vibes of this part of the country just speak to me!

2. New York City

Still shocking that we've never been here, but it's definitely toward the top of our list!

3. Yellowstone + Grand Teton

This is probably going to be a vacation soon because we're just really wanting to see this beauty! Kris has been once to Grand Teton, and he wants me to experience it too. I've never been anywhere out West, so what better place to start than with geysers and grizzlies? Also it's one of the most well known national parks in the country, so there's that too.

4. Hawaii

I haven't done tons of research, but Kauai seems amazing. Can you tell we like gorgeous scenery and landscapes?

5. Banff, Canada

It just looks amazing. I wasn't even familiar with this place until recently when I saw it on one of those "Top Places Photographers Should Visit" blogs, and then The Bucket List Family spent Christmas there!

Some honorable mentions (since I can't make a decision to save my life) are as follows:

Arizona, Iceland, Alaska, Italy

Proposition time! If you want some pretty photos of you and your love at one of these beautiful places, hit me up, and I won't charge you a session fee! You'll only owe a travel fee, and it'll just be the best day. Seriously.

What's on your travel bucket list? It might inspire me to rework mine! Have you ever been to any of these places? What'd you think?!

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