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True-to-You Family Sessions: A Fresh Take on Family Photos

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

They talk a lot about "your why" in this industry. What is your why? What is it that's going to keep you going on long days when you want to give up? Why are you in business? Why this business?

I had an epiphany this morning, and it all started with sharing sneak peeks from my most recent family session. Take a look at some of the preview photos below, and keep this in mind: the Hemphill family walks a mile every night. They love being outside exploring in nature.

So many moments from our hour and a half together were hardly prompted at all...and I love that.

Here was my epiphany. To me, family sessions are about documenting the season of life you're in. How do you want to remember this season? What's special about it? What's sweet? What's hard and stretching but growing you in the process? How can we tell THAT story?

Normally when we begin the process of planning a family session, we think, "Okay, where should we take these photos? What's a pretty place outside? Maybe a park? Somewhere in nature?"

There's nothing wrong with that, but if your family literally never goes in the woods, why would you want pictures in the woods? If your family loves spending time on the lake, why would we take pictures in a park you've never seen? If you truly want to remember what this season of life is like, let's make it true to your life!

If I'm being completely honest, my "why" isn't something that always comes easily to me. But here's what I want when it comes to family and couples sessions. I've put quite a bit of thought into it and written it down:

I want to feel energized and fulfilled by creating relaxed, fun, intentional photo sessions, capturing creative photos that tell a family's story, and delivering those photos to families who can keep the memories forever in a tangible way.

So let me take my "why" and apply it to your family session. Being completely honest here, I have struggled to find passion in family sessions before. I've had thoughts like, "Are these pictures even going to mean a lot to them in 20 years? This feels forced and not natural. These pictures aren't even going to be the ones they cherish the most when the kids are grown. The favorites are going to be regular, everyday photos."

So here's what I propose: true-to-life family sessions. When we plan your session, let's consider the things your family loves, the things I'd find you doing on a long weekend or a day off, the things that always bring laughter and connection. Then let's plan your session around THOSE things!

Maybe your family loves:

  • spending Saturdays out on the lake

  • slow mornings making pancakes together on the weekend

  • exploring trails and taking hikes

  • sitting around a bonfire in your backyard

  • walking Downtown for ice cream at your favorite shop

  • making music together

  • going to the beach every summer

Whatever it is, we can craft a FUN and special evening where you guys do your thing, and I tag along to document it. Here's what a possible true-to-life family session might look like:

Let's say your family has a fire pit in the backyard, and when the weather's nice, you find yourselves sitting around it night after night. You also love Taco Tuesday, and it's a tradition literally every week without fail. The only things that can be certain in life are death and taxes...and Taco Tuesday in your home.

Here's what we'll do - I'll show up at dinner, take pictures of you guys enjoying one too many tacos together. Then we'll head outside for classic family pictures at sunset, smiling and candid, in your own yard. We'll finish the night around a bonfire, and I'll capture what naturally unfolds. Think of me as the invisible paparazzi.

THEN in a few weeks, you'll get a gallery back filled with moments that are true to your family and SPECIAL to this season of life. You'll get pictures that tell your story.

Are you following? I know it's not traditional, but think about how much more fun this would be? Not to mention the intentional and meaningful high-end images you'd take with you.

Ready to plan your True-to-Life Family Session?! Head over to my Contact page and tell me what you have in mind. Don't worry about sharing too many ideas! I'm ready for them! :)

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