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What I'm Getting My 6 Month Old for Christmas

What do you buy a 6 month old?! I thought about it quite a bit. We even considered just wrapping up toys we already have and giving them to her. But it's baby's first Christmas, and I want to get her something, even if just a few small things, so here they are! The pictures are linked so if you want to check them out on Amazon, just click the picture. I may receive a small commission if you use the links.

1. Mushie stacking cups - I'm excited about how these are educational and super cute.

2. More Itzy Ritzy pacis - because I don't think I've praised these pacis enough. They have handles and will be easy to find in the crib at night. It's a real thing, and it's an important thing. She's getting much better at finding them and putting them in her mouth without any help. Also they're cute. I got Karis two purple ones but kinda wish I had gotten this set because I love these colors!

3. Baby food - Ha! Because she hasn't tried real food yet (I wanted to wait until closer to 6 months which she will be on December 23), and we think it's about time! This will be fun. Her dad actually picked some up from the store today, so this isn't the exact kind we got to try first, but we may try this out in the future.

4. New book - We have the "God" book in this series, and I absolutely love it so I wanted to order another one in the series. They have "Jesus" and "The Gospel." I'll probably get "The Gospel" this time, and save the other one for another time. The books share "big theology for little hearts." I also love the minimalist and beautiful artwork.

5. Teething wafers - My aunt gave these to us at Thanksgiving, so I'm adding them to the gifts so she can have something else to unwrap! Plus I like my wrapping paper and want to have boxes wrapped under the three.ha

Okay, that's all we're getting Baby K. I have no doubt she'll be getting some other fun little things from family too. Here are a few other ideas I had. We didn't buy these, but I think they would make great gifts for a 6 month old!

Baby Fence Play Area - because I know it's coming soon. I can already tell she's trying to get on the move! She's just started sticking her little butt in the air and tucking her feet under.

Bath Toys - She's sitting in a bath chair now instead of reclining back in the sling, so we're just starting to have a little more fun in the bath. I think bath toys would make a great gift for a baby (or toddler too)!

Piano Play Mat - This just looks fun. I play the piano, and I'd love for Karis to learn one day too. This would be something fun to add to wake time activities.

Fruit Feeding/Mashing/Teething Set - I realize that's quite the title, but that's because this set comes with it all! A great gift for a new little eater.

That's all for now! We're celebrating our Christmas as a family tomorrow night. I'll let you know if she approves of her gifts.

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