What I'm Getting My 6 Month Old for Christmas

What do you buy a 6 month old?! I thought about it quite a bit. We even considered just wrapping up toys we already have and giving them to her. But it's baby's first Christmas, and I want to get her something, even if just a few small things, so here they are! The pictures are linked so if you want to check them out on Amazon, just click the picture. I may receive a small commission if you use the links.

1. Mushie stacking cups - I'm excited about how these are educational and super cute.

2. More Itzy Ritzy pacis - because I don't think I've praised these pacis enough. They have handles and will be easy to find in the crib at night. It's a real thing, and it's an important thing. She's getting much better at finding them and putting them in her mouth without any help. Also they're cute. I got Karis two purple ones but kinda wish I had gotten this set because I love these colors!

3. Baby food - Ha! Because she hasn't tried real food yet (I wanted to wait until closer to 6 months which she will be on December 23), and we think it's about time! This will be fun. Her dad actually picked some up from the store tod