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Wilson, NC Wedding // Zach + Emily

This is the second wedding of the year where I've gotten to photograph a bride who I knew as a little girl. How funny is life? Zach and Emily are awesome. Zach's calm, laid back attitude mixed with Emily's determination and spunk make for one fun couple. On the way to the first look, I got to squeeze in Emily's car (along with Mom, Dad, and Brother), and as we were driving, Emily was talking about Zach. She said everyone who meets him likes him. He's that kind of guy. She thinks a lot of Zach, and I know it's mutual. I'm so thankful I got to follow this sweet couple around on their wedding day and document their first day of marriage!

Emily and her girls were a straight up party. So much fun!

The First Look

I was shooting alone for this wedding, but I'm SO glad I was able to catch Zach's reaction and then move to another angle to focus on Emily.

The Bridal Party