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Planning Tips from a Wedding Florist

Next up in the Wedding Vendor Series - let's talk flowers! Flowers can add so much to your day. Meghan, a florist who is a part of Selah Floral Collective, has lots of good information to share on planning the florals for your wedding day! I've done one wedding with her, and she did beautiful work!

Photo by @emily.kate.kohns

By the way, this is the second post in my Wedding Vendor Series. If you missed the first one on honeymoon-planning tips from a travel agent, check that out, and keep an eye out for more wedding planning tips coming soon!

Okay, let's get to it! Keep on reading for all the flower insight.

How to Decide on Flowers

I asked Meghan how a bride should decide on what she wants her flower style to be and what flowers to use. She said to think about what you love and to stay away from trends unless it's something that really speaks to you! She also said that as a florist, it's her job to put flowers together that her clients will love because usually her clients don't know the exact flowers to use. "So no worries if you can't name anything other than a rose," she said. I love that.😆

Meghan's Favorite Floral Style

"My favorite floral style is a blend between romantic and colorful with a garden party vibe. I also love when brides think outside of the box or give creative freedom to us!"

You know the popular Pinterest styles - things like boho, modern neutral, and classic greenery with white blooms - she said she loves those but has seen them a lot.

Meghan said, "Taking one of the classics and putting your own spin on it can be a way to make your florals stand out!"

Flowers and Time of Year

When I asked if time of year matters for flowers, Meghan said, "YES! Flowers are seasonal. Although we have a lot more availability when ordering around the world, there are still specific flowers that you can only get in specific seasons. This is why I highly recommend thinking of what color pallete you want for your day, rather than specific blooms."

The next point she made was interesting and insightful, and I think it shows why you should go with a florist you trust!

"If there is anything I've learned over the years, it's that you cannot plan for nature. Sometimes I will have entire bunches come in rotten or certain flowers will become suddenly unavailable from wholesalers even in season. So be flexible and trust that the florist you've hired will substitute a bloom that will fit into your palette and vibe."

When to Start Planning for Flowers / When to Book a Florist "This depends on the florist and the wedding day! Every year there are specific dates that are just more popular among couples than others. This year, we had almost a dozen inquiries for April 29th and maybe half of that for October 21st...So if you have a very specific date in mind that also falls in a popular wedding time (March through May or August through October) I would try to book your vendors as soon as possible."

She said if you're more flexible on your date or are getting married during a less popular time, you probably have more time to book your florist, but she still encouraged not waiting too long.

What Can a Florist Offer?

When I asked this question, I had bouquet, arches, and maybe other decor pieces in mind. Meghan said they can do it all.

"I have climbed a ladder to hang arrangements on all sorts of obscure places; chandeliers, columns, and a staircase just to name a few. We break our offerings down into three main categories: personals, ceremony, and reception."

  • Personal: bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns, etc.

  • Ceremony: floral design on an arch, greenery climbing up a wall, a floral meadow, etc.

  • Reception: usually includes table decor, cake flowers, and any other floral decorations you want in your reception space

Budgeting for Flowers

"Many florists have minimums in the $2,000-3,000 range and depending on the experience of the designer and the particular market/style they are in will vary the pricing."

Meghan said they have an elopement package that includes only personal flowers and can be as low as $350. She said to budget around $5,000 at least for a full-service design (personals, ceremony, and reception florals). Anything Else Couples Should Know

Meghan wanted to add three things:

  1. "Flowers can make your wedding come alive. I have seen spaces transformed by blooms."

  2. "When hiring your vendors, look at their past work and make sure you love it before hiring them. Their portfolio should give you an idea of if they can create the day you are envisioning."

  3. "Don't overthink it. This is your wedding day, and contrary to what you might have heard, it shouldn't actually be stressful!"

If you want to see more from Selah Floral Co, you can find them over on Instagram at If you want to reach out to them for your wedding, fill out an inquiry here! And here is Meghan on Instagram.

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