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Senior Photography: We May Be a Good Match If...

So this actually started out as an Instagram caption, and it kept going and going and going, and I was like, "Stop right there. This should just be a blog post." So here we are! I recently did a spontaneous shoot with Savannah. She's a junior at the school where I work. She was beautiful, and we had a great time together! So as I was thinking back through our session, some different things were coming to my mind. I know that I'm not the photographer for everyone. I don't try to be! There are all kinds of things to consider when choosing the person who will document your senior year. And here are some things that MIGHT make you and me a good match:

1. If you’re a senior and you don’t mind your hair blowing in the wind once in a while, we may just be a good match. Seriously you can ask Savannah. I may have gotten a little too excited and let out a squeal during this first photo. Perfect hair that can't be touched? Who needs it...

2. And ya know while we're on it...if slightly imperfect and a little bit messed up actually IS perfect to you, we may be a good match. You may read that and be like, "Whaaa?" Let me explain this by telling you a little about the hairstyle I picked for my wedding. The goal for my wedding hair was for it to be "perfectly undone." I wanted elegance, but with a slight wild-and-free feel to it. Can anyone relate?

3. If you’re cool with laughing in front of my camera at the ridiculous things I do (like wearing your jacket over my head for sake of time and the mud on the ground), we may be a good match. I thought we had moved on from how dumb I looked taking pictures with Savannah's jacket draped over my head, when all of a sudden she let out another laugh and said, "That jacket..."

4. If you don’t mind sharing all about your senior year and the excitement of what’s coming next, we may be a good match. Because I am genuinely interested in that stuff! For real I used to work in the admissions office at my college, so I got paid to talk to high schoolers about what degrees they were considering. Your future is exciting, and I'd love to hear about your dreams!

If those things are true about you, we might just be a good match. Because those are things I’m all about over here!🙌🏼

Got questions? Feel free to head on over to my Contact page and ask me anything! I cannot WAIT to hear from you! Happy senior year, friends!

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