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Three Interaction Prompts for Couples | Raleigh Engagement Session

People are always saying things at the beginning of their sessions like, "We're so awkward in front of the camera." Emily was no exception...but does it look like these two are awkward in front of the camera? Absolutely not! I think you can tell how much laughing was going on during this fun engagement session. I'm all about creating a space where people can be comfortable, have fun together, and interact with each other, producing genuine emotion, not forced. I'm sharing a few prompts below that I frequently use with couples to get them interacting and having a great time together.

Zach and Emily's wedding is in June, and it's going to be so so fun!

Quick note: I got all of these ideas from the photographers that have influenced me the most - Athena and Camron.

1. Write a Word on Her Cheek - "Come from behind her, and write a word to describe her on her cheek. Go slowly, one letter at a time so she can guess what the word is!"

2. Walk and Compliment - "Walk towards me, and as you walk, with every step, say a word to describe the other person." I usually have one person do this. Then we run it back, and it's the other person's turn. Sometimes, especially with bigger groups, I simply say something like, "Walk towards me, and as you're walking, compliment the person beside you."

3. The Color Game - "Look at each other and try to think of the same color. On the count of three say it out loud." I usually ask couples how long they've been together and make it a little game about trying to read the other person's mind.

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